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2016 California Cabernet Sauvignon

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Tasting Notes
This Cabernet is eager to please both Cabernet drinkers and red wine fans alike. The bouquet and front palate is intense with notes of baked red cherries, ripe boysenberries, spicy cinnamon, and mild clove with floral hints of violets. The medium body bridges the middle to a toasty but unobtrusive back palate infused with vanilla and light mocha that finishes cleanly without dropping off abruptly, or lingering too long


Vineyard Notes
As the popularity and appreciation of California wines has grown, so has our awareness as winemakers of the vast opportunities in excellent, and unique growing regions available to us. Although the North Coast has traditionally set the standard for Cabernet Sauvignon, pockets of distinction have risen throughout the coastal regions of the state from areas close to our own home, such as the Sonoma Valley, to as far south as Monterey and Paso Robles. By integrating the diverse characteristics from each of these regions and their vineyards, we are proud to present an effortlessly approachable Cabernet that we feel represents the full potential of our state to produce world-class wines.


Other Notes
Much to the delight of both grape growers and winemakers, the 2016 vintage carried through from beginning to end, with ideal conditions and ideal results. Long-awaited rainfall during the winter and early spring replenished desperate reservoirs and ground water, easing the concerns generated by several years’ worth of drought conditions. The summer was kind, with only a few heat spikes, which then carried over into a true Indian Summer; keeping daytime temperatures above normal, and the mornings foggy and cool throughout the peak month of September, permitting us to take our time in evaluating and calling picks at their optimal maturity. Nature patiently waited for us to bring in our final lots before returning with the rain that has traditionally been the signal for the end of the harvest season.


Winemaker Notes
Due to the great variation in the vineyards from which we source our Cabernet Sauvignon, picking typically starts while we are still in the throes of Pinot Noir production, and often continues through to finish out our harvest. Each lot is picked overnight and delivered to the winery in the early morning hours where it is destemmed to closed-top fermenters. Individual vineyards are evaluated for their strengths and unique facets, which ultimately determine our choices in yeast and cap management. We often press these lots before they reach total dryness in order to maximize their bright fruit qualities without over-extracting heavy tannins. Each lot is aged separately on 40% new French and American oak for 12 months before we pull together the final blend prior to bottling.
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    Cabernet Sauvignon
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